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My buddy, Brian, wants a set of pauldrons. Im going to try my hand at attaching it straight to his chest plate (the top picture shows us both)

for those who don’t follow me, or haven’t seen my posts before, I always start out with a poster board paper template of some sort, so I can see anything that needs fixed right out, make multiples, or even easily alter the design like this.

I use 1/2” grid guided poster board to start with. this makes measurement and making an even and symmetrical design easy.

I forgot to mention before the back plate meant to go behind the now red plates are polished nickel.

This is prettymuch all of it, short of the straps that will connect around your upper arm and connect the red ends to the chest plate. I wish the triangular pieces looked a little more tidey in their placement, but some template pieces got lost and I had to make due. I like the look of it, though.
These photos were taken at my school’s Metals studio, by the way.

So this is it, the Honest Knight’s Pauldron. I’m willing to make these on commission for anyone willing to pay, and I can easily modify the design, use different materials, cut different designs, etc. Fully customizable.

The Hard Truth
This is a LARP hammer a friend (and one of the co-owners of Gisido, Cory) made. I’m making these pauldrons to match it

The drawing stage of making armor. This has everything I need to make two pauldrons, except the major plate (missing one of two), and the side pieces that will connect to the chest plate (missing two of four)
There are also some tools, and some important parts of this whole things. The line outside the major shapes will be a lip I’m going to bend over the edge to insure a safe edge that wont cut the wearer, or those who bump into him. Also, I have tabs set up inside the V-cut of the shoulder plate. This is for tab construction because I dont want to (or have the means to) weld it closed.

Added some spaulders, the design might change a bit, I’m thinking of dropping the lowest  section down and raising the middle one up a bit to even out the spread, but I like the placement of the top one, I think.

Also i’m having trouble deciding what I want to be leather and what I want to be metal. I might also try and do some detailing on this. but I’ll see.

I’ll keep updating as I go.

Did this yesterday. This is going to be a new pauldron design that i’m hopefully going to attach to my chest plate. The triangular spikes will be leather, as will the dangly straps (representing the straps and buckles), everything else will be metal.

I was asked by Saki, the owner of the LARP I go to, Gisido, to make a demo since i was planning on making a pole arm for an eventual character and several friends who want to join and have characters with pole arms.

1. These are the general materials I am using, not counting the open cell (couch) foam, and the adhesive I’m using.

2. The maximum size for the weapons of Gisido (for long weapons such as 2 handers, and pole arms) is 60”, or 5 feet. The PVC core i’m using is 60” exactly, but I also need to add extra padding and a crush tip to the tip of the weapon, so I cut off 4”, giving me a 3” pad on the top, and a 1” on the bottom (this is more than the rules require, but I like me some safety)

3. This is the base foam I assembled, not adhered yet.

4. I used double-sided duct tape (ddt) (in place of an adhesive, I’ve had weapons and shields last me years from constructing it with the stuff) to get the foam in place, and using a saw cut part of the pool noodle making more of a blade shape. I then used the ddt to put on more closed cell foam on the sides and tip. There is currently about 1.5” of closed cell foam over the top of the PVC. I used normal duct tape to tape the blade edges on more for more stability. Note that I’m using a jewelers saw to shape the foam to my liking.

5. A zoomed out view of the piece as a whole so far. The foam on the end is for safety when swinging the weapon

6. A more finished view of the pommel end of the pole arm. There ended up being about 2” of padding over top of the pommel.

7. A more finished view of the piece, I forgot to add pics of putting open cell foam around the striking surface, so sorry about that. The striped pattern is a personal touch to go right for the throat, so to speak XD, horizontal stripes make an optical illusion, your eye sees the object as shorter.

8. Another view of the pommel post finish.

9. A complete view. Enjoy.


Leather Dragon armor 


Leather Dragon armor